More than just moving outside . . .

Do the EXERCISE when it suits you

Every detail is well thought out, from the high level of functionality and usability to ensure maximum benefits for the users, to the aesthetic Danish design, easy to place in any environment.

We want to promote the idea of ​​training outdoors, which - compared to e.g. indoor training - does not have a negative, energy-consuming effect on the environment.

Some obvious benefits, for example, are that all of our outdoor fitness stations are powered by human energy, and all of our fitness parks are powered by the sun and nature.

In addition to the more direct effect, we also want to secure a future, where our children can grow up in a safe, healthy and green world. Our goal will therefore always be to develop our business in a responsible and sustainable way.

A Norwell Outdoor Fitness park also gives important social benefits. By promoting health improvement, social integration and fun fitness, a Norwell fitness park becomes a natural and intergenerational meeting point for people of all walks of life.

We are experts in Outdoor Fitness equipment. Our fitness line
is for everyone from the height of 140cm and up.

Besides the all-round fitness series, we also
support training for special needs and seniors.

Four Essentials

The conditions for a high quality of life can be divided into four important training areas: optimal circuit function, good body strength, fine balance/coordination and sufficient flexibility.
Each station is designed to focus especially on one of the four essential areas mentioned above.

The colored symbols on the fitness stations make it easy to navigate in a Norwell Outdoor Fitness park. Each color points out the training activity focused on, and shows the muscle group affected:

Cardiovascular Equipment maintain optimum cardiovascular, function is a prerequisite for good health and essential for a high quality of life. Norwell’s cardio stations can help everyone achieve these goals.

Strength Equipment maintain and increase the strength of the big muscle groups in your body, your tendons become stronger and your muscles work more efficiently.

Balance Equipment exercise the balance and coordination skills and do not only helps to minimize the risk of injuries, but also gives a long term benefit in all aspects of activities in life.

Flexibility Equipment - Muscle endurance and flexibility gives you the ability to perform not only a training program, but also the everyday continuous physical movement.

We have developed a range of special tools to maximize the benefits of using our fitness stations: Fitness guides, Apps and QR codes, giving access to exercises and training videos.

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