Outdoor fitness at sports clubs & arenas

outdoor fitness AT SPORTS CLUBS & ARENAS

All athletes know that an efficient warm-up as well as a thorough cooling down is essential, when you do any kind of sports.

A Norwell Outdoor Fitness park in the grounds of clubs, arenas or any place of sports provides an interesting and different warm-up and cooling down for athletes at all levels attending your sports events. Out fitness stations are made for all, from the very fit who wants to improve their fitness, to the injured, in need of rehabilitation.

Preparation for a comeback following sports injuries, can be done in the fitness park with the rest of the team, maintaining and strengthening the team spirit.

We suggest the Norwell Standard package for sports clubs and arenas:
Wergea Sportsplatz, NL - Norwell outdoor fitness next to Sports area

Norwell outdoor fitness at sport clubs