Parks & Recreational areas

easy access to exercise with norwell outdoor fitness PARKs.

The intuitive Norwell Outdoor Fitness stations, free to use and always available, will increase the frequency and length of time spent in your parks and recreational areas.
The fitness stations attract people of all ages and walks of life, and invite you to enjoy exercising in a natural and relaxed environment. The Norwell Apps and the QR codes on each station provide inspiration and detailed instructions.

All our fitness stations use your own body weight as resistance and are challenging and effective regardless of fitness level. As a result, the level of difficulty is tailored to each user.
The aesthetic Danish design expressed in our fitness equipment is very appealing. The shape and stainless steel combine to create a highly transparent quality, which makes it suitable for any environment.
The Norwell Outdoor Fitness stations are constructed from our exclusive glass-blasted stainless steel which minimizes both vandalism and the need for maintenance.

We suggest a Norwell Standard package for parks and recreational areas: Read more: NORWELL STANDARD PACKAGE

norwell outdoor fitness l fitness equipment for outdoor training

Norwell outdoor fitness l Fitness equipment for outdoor training